Pink Bra'ss

Friday 22nd July 2016

A very special and very pink musical extravaganza brought to the City of Wells by PInk Bra'ss and guest soloists.

PInk Bra'ss members play for other bands on a regular basis and freely gave their time and talent to perform this amazing charity concert.

The bands they were drawn from are:

Burnham and HIghbridge Band - B & H

Burtle Silver Band - BSB

Midsomer Norton and Radstock Silver Band - MN & R

Wells City Band - WCB

Weston Brass - WB

Yeovil Town Band - YTB

Musical Director

Joanne Sykes

Musical Director of

Wincanton Silver Band

Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver Band

Principal Cornets

Clare Knight - MN &R

Pam Kirby -WB

Solo Cornets

Lucy Langan - MN & R

Julie Locke - YTB

Pat Trott - B & H

Dot Poole -WCB


Caroline Tapfield - B & H

Rachel Cooper - WCB


Kathie Light - WB

Pam Fisher- B & H

Guest Trombone Soloist

Stephen Sykes

Musical Director of Burnham & Highbridge Band

Soprano Cornet

Julie Hipworth - B & H

Repiano Cornet

Sandra Healey BSB

2nd Cornets

Laura Smith - WB

Tanya Climo - WCB

Jo Young - WCB

3rd Cornets

Ceileigh Tiso - B & H

Harriet Cooper - WCB

Pamila Green - BSB

Guest Soloist

Beverley King

Bristol Hippodrome Choir

1st Trombone

Sarah Chadwick Jones - B & H

2nd Trombones

Carol Smith - WB

Abbi Peters - BSB

Bass Trombone

Anne-Marie Twort

Eb Basses

Annadel Horner - BSB

Jean Turner - WCB

BBb Basses

George Trott - B & H

John Thompson - B & H

Carlton Sykes-Flowers Band

Surprise Guest Soloist

Steve Sykes

Soloist, Musical Director and clinician

Flugel Horn

Heather Ackerman -WCB

Solo Horns

Gill Rogers - WB

Jane Gregg - B & H

1st Horns

Joy Buchanan - BSB

Sharon James - BSB

2nd Horns

Sue Kerton - WCB

Joan Locock - B & H

Beverley Wride - BSB


KIt Drummer

Gill Freeman - MN &R


Ian Tiso - B & H


Angela Humphries - WCB

Welcome Meeting and First Rehearsal, 19th May 2016